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Southall – Menu

Menu development for the new Venue is well underway – more news soon – as our menu will be built upon our passion for authentic Asian street food.

Karking 4 you

Karak Chaii: Karaked to perfection! (v)

The finest tea fused with masalas and karaked to perfection, available in flavours of Saffron, Caramel or Honey!

Ingredients & Allergens

Pink Tea: Roasted! (v)

We guarantee pink tea means pink tea with no short cuts… We brew pink tea kehwa just the old way!

Ingredients & Allergens

Sugar Free Karak Chaii

The finest tea fused with masalas and karaked to perfection.

Ingredients & Allergens

Karak Coffee (v)

Love Coffee? Good, let us Karak your coffee with our Roasted Coffee Beans and touch of our masala recipe… you will love it!

Ingredients & Allergens

Ginger Chaii

A hot cup of chai boosted with the spicy kick of fresh ginger

Ingredients & Allergens

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee with a scoop of real milk Vanilla Ice cream

Ingredients & Allergens

Breakfast Tea (v)

English tea donethe old way.

Master Muffins & Breakfast

Egg & Cheese Muffin with Hash Brown (v)

Classic combination of egg, cheese and hash brown sandwiched in a soft muffin.

Omelette Muffin (v)

Two egg desi omelette sandwiched in soft muffin with cheese.

Chilli Cheese Toast

This chilli cheese toast makes a great appetizer or quick snack. Topped with cheese and green chillies, these toasties are

Bun Maska (v)

Our special bun, layered with butter and honey – simple and lovely!

Ingredients & Allergens

Jam Slice (v)

Toasted bread with raspberry jam & generousamount of butter.

Street Life…on the go!

Cheesy Chicken Samosa

Get two samosas served with our traditional chutney.

Classic Punjabi Samosa (v)

Protion of two samosas handmade from authentic recipie. Served with red samosa chutney or chsanna gravey.

Ingredients & Allergens

Samosa Chaat

Pair of punjabi samosas topped with salad & street masala, dipped in Chaii Master Red Samosa chutney, channa gravy and mint yougurt chutnies.

Chicken Behari Kebab Bites

You will find BBQ joints selling Behari Kebabs in every street of Karachi & Hyderabad… Regular portion of 3 kebabs and fries is perfect to satisfy you appetite.

Ingredients & Allergens

Street Chips (v)

Chips that are then tossed in our Special Street Masala & Herbs served with our own Special Dynamite Mayo or Chili Chutney

Ingredients & Allergens

Plain Chips

Standard chips to be enjoyed with everything!

Dynamite Chips: Chaii Master style

Chips dressed in chicken tikka, then 2 difference chesses & Special street masala and herbs; then they are topped with our popular dynamite Ssuce or Ketchup & Mayo.

Ingredients & Allergens

Dynamite Chips - Chilli Paneer(v)

Enjoy our crispy Dynamite Chips topped with Chilli Paneer, mozzarella cheese, dynamite sauce and our special blend of street masala and herbs.

Cheesy Fries (v)

A big pile of crispy french fries topped with melted mozzarella cheese and green onion!

Ingredients & Allergens

Omelette Paratha Roll

Omelette our way with onions, tomatoes, corriender, green chillies and various spices. Rolled in paratha made of desi ghee.

Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll

Chicken tikka rolled in paratha, cooked and topped with freshly chopped salad, mozzarella chesse and chutneys.

Behrai Kebab Paratha Roll

Behari kebab rolled in paratha and topped with fresh salad and authentic behari kebab chutney.

Lamb Chapli Kebab Paratha Roll

Our signature zero fat lamb mince Chapli kebabs rolled in paratha made of desi ghee with traditional sauce and salad.

Chilli Paneer Paratha Roll

A perfect pairing of chilli and paneer on homemade paratha. Perfection thart you have never had before.

Fast Food Delights or Burger and Sandwiches?

Lamb/Chicken Bun Kebab

Choice of lamb or chicken bun kebab patty is made like typical roadside stall baclk home. Bun kebab sandwiched and infused in our traditional bun kebab chutney and topped with coleslaw and ketchup. Sheer perfection!

Ingredients & Allergens

Daal Bun Kebab (v)

Daal patty, loaded with spices, herbs and flavours. Sandwiched and infused in traditional chutneys & finally topped with coleslaw and ketchup.

Ingredients & Allergens

Bombay Sandwich (v)

Hailing from the urban metropolis of Mumbai, this sandwich serves as an authentic embodiment of Chaii Master’s multifaceted culinary experience.

Lamb Chapli Burger

Zero fat handmade lamb mince blended with traditional spices and herbs. Simply irresistable!

Ingredients & Allergens

Classic Club Sandwich

A triple-layered sandwich filled with classic black pepper chicken mixture, egg, tomatoes, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and two different cheeses. Served with our street style coleslaw & plain Chips.

Ingredients & Allergens

Chicken Tikka Sandwich

A sandwich filled with tikka flavored chicken, cucumber & of course our street style Coleslaw!

Ingredients & Allergens

Buffalo Chicken Melt Sandwich

Give your taste buds something to remember with our amazing Buffalo Chicken Melt Sandwich. Try this scrumptious yet simple grilled sandwich made with Buffalo sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Ingredients & Allergens

Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken patty with little or no oil. Sandwiched in a brioche bun with our popular dynamite mayo sauce or mayo.

3 Eggs & Cheese Sandwich

Three layered toasted egg sandwich filled with two egg omelette, a fried egg and two different cheeses.

Bells Sandwich (v) – Only at Chaii Master

With three bell peppers, caramelised onions, two cheeses and fresh salad. This sandwich is full of flavour and ticks all the healthy options. Your taste buds will love it.

Ingredients & Allergens

Bombay Sandwich(v)

Hailing from the urban metropolis of Mumbai, this sandwich serves as an authentic embodiment of Chaii Master’s multifaceted culinary experience.

All Time Classic’s…

Chana Bathora Meal

Two bathoras served with chana gravey (chick peas) or chana daal plus you get a pot of halwa and salad dipped in mint chutney. And if that wasn’t enough we will give you a hot drink of your choice.

Ingredients & Allergens

Gobi (Cauliflower) Paratha

When gobi meets paratha! The perfect combinationto fulfill your morning nashta cravings with the perfect blend of spices and lashings of butter.

Aloo Parathas

Two potato filled traditional flat breads made in traditional way with desi ghee and butter. Served with plain yogurt or mint yogurt chutney.

Lamb Keema Naan

Pieces of top-quality lamb chopped by hand and marinated with special herbs and spices. Our naan is baked in a traditional oven and served with mint yoghurt chutney!

Big Breakfast Meal: Daal Paratha & Omelette (v)

Dhaba style Khari Daal, your choice of Omelette & then served with 2 homemade Parathas & you get a hot drink of your choice! Parathas can be replaced with Fateer free of charge.

Ingredients & Allergens

Weekend Special : Aloo Methi & Salad (v)

A classic lightly spiced Aloo Methi made with Potatoes, Fenugreek leaves and spices. Exclusively served every Fri-Sun with 2 Parathas, salad and a hot or cold drink of your choice.

All Cake Slices

Cofee Cake

A perfect Combination of rich coffee flavour and moist tender cake.

Lemon Cheesecake

Classic Dessert that has been given a lemony twist

Chocolate Cake

A moist and decadant cake with layers of rich chocolate goodness

Chocolate Fudge Cake

A dense chocolate cake with layers of rich and creamy fudge frosting in between Sweet and chocolatey goodness

Snickers Cake

A combination of rich chocolate cake, creamy caramel and crunchy peanuts , all topped with a luscious chocolatee ganache

French Vanilla Cake

A light and fluffy vanilla cake with a hint of sweetness , layered with smooth and creamy vanilla frosting

Red Velvet Cake

The moist and velvety red cake with a cocoa , layered with a smooth and creamy cheese frosting

New York Cheesecake

A luscious , velvety smooth cake with a dense and creamy texture

Napoleon cake

Layers of light and flaky puff pastry alternating with creamy vanilla custard filling


Lemon Tart

Refreshing taste of lemon with a buttery and flaky crust

Chocolate Tart

Our chocolate tart is made with a crisp pastry shell filled with a smooth and creamy chocolate ganache

Nutty Tart

This scrumptious tart combines the richness of buttery pastry and crunchy , nutty goodness

Sweet Temptations

Lab-e-Shireen (v)

A popular Desi version of Trifle…once tried, never forgotten!

Ingredients & Allergens

Shahi Tukray (v)

A traditional sweet bread that is first toasted, then fried before finally being dipped in specially made flavored milk!

Ingredients & Allergens

French Toast

Slice of brioche bread, dipped in milk, egg and our seceret flavours, then fried and served with honey or maple syrup.

Ingredients & Allergens


Nutella , Strawberries , Banana , Mix Fruit

Desi Tea Cake (v)

A simple Tea Cake made from butter with Special Flavors which we think will remind you of back home!

Ingredients & Allergens

Masala Chaii Cake (v)

With a kick of Cinnamon and the finest Tea, Chaii Master’s unique & special Cake makes your Chaii even more Karak.

Ingredients & Allergens

Nutella Roll

Nutella roll with the perfect mixture of sweet and savory. Great value and super tasty!

Cake Rusk (v)

A really popular snack sold in every corner of the sub-continent and we have cracked street vendors recipe.

Ingredients & Allergens

Lotus Toffee Sundae

Moist plain sponge, which is then layered with different creams and chaii master special toffee sauce.

Three Milk Sundae (v)

Moist plain Sponge which is then given a good soaking in…Evaporated Milk, sweet Condensed Milk & finally Whole Milk. And to really make your day…it’s served with Smooth Chocolate between the layers…stunning & moreish!

Ingredients & Allergens

The Nutella Sundae (v)

A super moist choclate cake, layered with cream cheese and lashings of nutella.

Ingredients & Allergens

Nutella Naan (v)

A creamy rich dessert that complements your everyday cravings.

Ingredients & Allergens

Ghulab Jamun

Served as portion of two this beloved dessert of South Asia.

Hot Desserts

Kunefa (v)

Indulge in the sweet symphony of tradition and modern delight with our crunchy smooth Kunafa, cradling a molten layer of ooey gooey cheese, a drizzle of sugar syrup crowned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or cream.

Ingredients & Allergens

Molton Lava (v)

Indulge in a rich, moist chocolate cake with a gooey, melted chocolate centre. Served warm and accompanied by a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream.

Cold Drinks

Still Water


Coke Zero

Orange Juice


Shezan Juices

Nibu Pani



Cold Coffee with a scoop of real milk Vanilla Ice cream

Chaii Master Milkshakes

Banana , Strawberry , Chocolate

Smoothies (v)

Triple Berry Blend Tropical vibes

Coolers (v)

Rose Petal Lycheee Dream , Stir Up The Passion Mojito , Guava On The Beach , Strawberry And Ginger Mojito

Special Chutneys

Dynamite Mayo

Dynamite Mustard

Tomato Sauce

Bun Kebab Chutney

Mint Yougurt Chutney

Mint Chutney

Chilli Sauce

Chaii Master Hot Sauce

Red Samosa Chutney