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Our People

The Team

Our team is a mix of Asian and British heritage, forming a unique trio that certainly keeps things interesting.

JD… Hailing originally from East Asia, JD has lived in Britain for NUMBER OF YEARS. Somehow both enthusiastic and laid back, our cool founder is known for classic sayings such as ‘problem? no problem’ and ‘all will be fine’ as s!?! hits the fan…!!

Malik… Our questions man! What are you watching? Another food show. What are you doing? Cooking. And of course, what will you be doing – eating!!!

JD met Malik on the 111 bus, both on their way to Heathrow 21 years ago. They have been friends ever since, with Chaii Master yet another exciting step in their journey.

Tony… Our British contingent, a great thinker and executer with a fiery temperament. With a background in retail, Chaii Master presents a new and interesting chapter in his career that excites a passion demonstrated in his bold and decisive attitude!